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Private Photo Retouching Training

Though I have uploaded many tutorials on photoshop & Lightroom photo retouching technique on Youtube but there are so many of you called me to arrange a private photo retouching training session. Here I am offering you advance courses on natural high end portrait, wedding & landscape post processing training session. For those who wants to learn more, can join my One on One workshop as well.  

Why it is beneficial for you ?

I know there are so many tutorials in the internet. But I will help you not only with the photo retouching but also a review of your work. This will not be a one sided demonstration but these season are meant to be collaborative & interactive, helping you improving your skills quickly & efficiently. 

What is will be covered? 

Topics covered will vary depending on whether you want to learn portrait retouching or Wedding and landscape processing. Portrait retouching will heavily focus on skin retouching and retaining texture as well as dodging and burning, pre-processing, colour grading, compositing and other topics. Landscape, travel and architecture processing will focus on pre-processing, controlled multiple exposure blending, dodging and burning, colour toning, object removal and workflow optimization. Despite these recommendations, ultimately sessions are customized to suit your needs, goals and photographic genre. 

Training Details

Training session durations and prices are as follows and are provided in minimum session durations of 3 hours. You can learn from home with a simple internet connection via Google plus hangout video chat.  

3 hours – BDT 1000/  (single session)

6 hours – BDT 2000/  (two 3 hour or three 2 hour sessions)

One Month – BDT 5000/  (can be divided into 3 or 4 sessions) Book Your Session

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Workshop Behind the Scenes

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