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Wedding workshop by Sanjoy Shubro
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One-On-One with Sanjoy Shubro is an individual photography course focused on wedding, portrait fashion for new photographers who wanted to establish themselves in those fields. This course will be perfect one for those who have no time to attend regular classes beside the day job. This course is for those who are serious and dedicated to becoming better photographers through individual attention and instruction. Sanjoy Shubro will teach you through sharing knowledge & his experience in person. If you are looking to improve your skill in photography, this course is for you.

The cost of One-On-One in total is Tk 15000 only if you book all the three . The sessions are three days 5pm-8pm a week. Everything is designed to help you become the best photographer you can be.

Call for admission- 01818558893. Address- 709/B,Anowara Mansion,Opposite site of Mehedi tower,Mehedibag Chittagong 4000

Basic Course (08 Classes)(BDT5000)

+Introduction to Photography

+Different Types of Photography

+Camera modes & Settings

+ Exposure

+Aperture & Depth of Field

+ Shutter speed & Movement


+ White balance & Exposure settings, blurry background & creating boke

+ Introduction to the lens

+ Basic Lightning

+ Compositions

+ Photo walk

+ Basic Photoshop & Lightroom

Advance Photography Course (15 Classes)(BDT10,000)

+ What camera, Lens, Lights to use & why?

+ How to use Light(Flash & Led,etc)

+ How to pose people for better Portraits

+ How to take vivid Landscape

+ Camera setting In Depth

+ Introduction to documentary & street Photography

+ Different Lighting options & what to get?

+ Idea about photography business & marketing

+ Business ethics & road to success

+ Live Photoshoot

+ Creative Lighting & posing in different situations

+ Multiple exposure & Bracketing

+ Aesthetics of Photography

+ HDR photography

+ How to grow your business in stock, commercial & wedding market

+ How to be different 

Advance Lightroom & Photoshop Technique (08 Classes)(BDT10,000)

+Introduction To Lightroom

+How to create preset

+How to use all module in Lightroom

+ Advance Photoshop

+Introduction to photoshop & tools

+Use of Camera raw

+ Different plugins

+How to soften skin tone

+how to create tone

+How to adjust color

+Level,Curve,Photo filter etc

For the very first time I was at WPPB as a speaker & won the Best Speaker award " Speaker on Demand". Not only that I give my speech again & again on Flow Posing in front of huge talented photographers on public demand. I am so honored. I also won the best gift a Fuji Intax Camera from Fuji with a lens cleaner.

Award Winning wedding photographer


Workshop Behind the Scenes

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