Sanjoy Shubro has a 10 years long teaching career. Being a photographer he likes to share his experiences & techniques for the other people so that they can find their way of success in the photography as well as life.

Sanjoy Shubro is regularly taking workshops & mentoring pupils for the better photography. He likes to share story behind the great photos & techniques of Lighting & posing. He has an in depth knowledge in Lightroom post processing.

Join his upcoming workshops if you want to change your life.

Sanjoy Shubro with his very first workshop participants.

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2nd Wedding Workshop by Sanjoy Shubro

Wedding workshop by Sanjoy Shubro

Sanjoy Shubro Photography

3rd Workshop on Portrait Photoshoot on Location

Sanjoy Shubro Photography

One-on-One with Sanjoy Shubro

Practice with Sanjoy Shubro & Learn Realtime.

Sanjoy Shubro Photography

One-On-One with Sanjoy Shubro is an individual photography course focused on wedding, portrait fashion for new photographers who wanted to establish themselves in those fields. This course will be perfect one for those who have no time to attend regular classes beside the day job. This course is for those who are serious and dedicated to becoming better photographers through individual attention and instruction. Sanjoy Shubro will teach you through sharing knowledge & his experience in person. If you are looking to improve your skill in photography, this course is for you.

The cost of One-On-One is Tk 5000 only for three months. The sessions are twice a week for two hours each. Each month is designed to help you become the best photographer you can be.

First Month-Camera & Flash Basics & Learning to See & Composition

Second Month - Posing & Lighting Techniques & Shooting with Sanjoy Shubro

Third Month- Marketing Essentials & Your Creative Vision & Lightroom & Photoshop Basics

Free Lightroom Preset

Tutorials For Photographer

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